Who is Jesus?

The astounding claim at the heart of Christianity has to do with who Jesus is. Jesus was truly human, having experienced a normal birth, childhood and development. He grew up in a typical first century Jewish family. He felt weary, hungry and thirsty. He experienced pain and suffering. He felt a full range of emotions – joy, sorrow, love, compassion and anger. He lived a life of perfect faithfulness to God. The gospels describe Jesus being tempted to reject God’s ways, but resisting. During his life on earth, crowds flocked to hear him teach about God, right living and forgiveness.

Christians believe Jesus is truly God. The records of his life draw on eyewitnesses who observed his power. He displayed power over disease, nature and even death. He was able to cast out demons, exerting authority over powers of evil. Jesus claimed equality with God by declaring repentant people’s sins forgiven. This staggering claim got him into trouble with religious authorities, eventually leading to his execution.

The resurrection of Jesus is what singles him out from other religious leaders, and any other person. This is central to Christianity. God raised Jesus from the dead. This validates Jesus’ claims about himself, and establishes him has the one who truly reveals God, has power to forgive sins, and is lord and judge of every person.

Christians love and obey Jesus as the one who has died in their place for the guilt of their sins, who will grant them resurrection, and who has all authority.

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