Ten minutes to shape your day

The month of September is a chance for us to commit to read the Bible, reflect on God’s word and respond in prayer. This year we are focusing our reading on the New Testament book of Ephesians and the Old Testament book of Jonah. May God use this booklet and conversations to help us delight in Scripture, trust him in prayer and shape our days around his word.

In His Service,
Caroline Andrews
Growing Believer’s Minister

Bible Reading Schedule

Keep up to date on what bible reading are coming up on Sunday. For use for in-service bible readers or if you would like to read along at home.

If you are reading up the front at church, please use an NIV (2011) bible text, to match what is projected on the screen. 

Ministry Partner Prayer Roster

As part of engaging our congregations with our ministry partnerships, the Mission Support Group would love to ensure that we pray for all our ministry partners on a regular basis, so we have constructed a “ministry partner roster” with a partner assigned to each week of the upcoming prayer roster.