Growth Groups

A place to grow in your love for God and for others.

Growth groups are key places to grow in your love for God and for other people. At St James our growth groups are the foundation for our pastoral care. Belonging to a group is the best way to be served and (perhaps more importantly) to serve others as well.
For many people at St James being a part of a small group is one of the best experiences of being a Christian.

A group for everyone

Growth Groups are where you can meet each week with a small number of people, connecting with each other around the bible.

There is lots of opportunity to ask questions and apply the Bible to your everyday life. Growth Groups are where you can love people at church in a smaller context, showing care for each other.

We have groups that meet at church and in people’s homes. There are groups meeting at night, and groups that meet in the day with child care. There are groups for men, women and mixed groups. There are groups of older people, younger people, and groups with a full spread of ages. 6pm service growth groups meet on Wednesday night from 7pm-9pm.


A place to belong: