Overflowing Joy

10 years from now St James will be a spiritually vibrant church, grounded in the gospel, whose joy and confidence in God overflows in boldness to do courageous things for his purposes in the Inner West and beyond. At St James

people will be engaged and inspired, and equipped to live prayerfully as ambassadors for Christ in our homes, workplaces, and all of life. We will be a church of people who love to gather and who are quick to recognise and celebrate God’s good work among us.

Overflowing Impact

Our deepening recognition of God’s generosity to us will overflow in sacrificial service of our community.

We will demonstrate God’s love in ways that address needs and make an impact for good in people’s lives.

Overflowing Growth

As we live and proclaim the gospel of Jesus we will make room to include more people of all ages and situations, reflecting the richness of the Inner West. We will encourage and involve the young in our church life.

Our joyful commitment to Jesus’s mission will be seen in our willingness to grow as we welcome increasing numbers of newcomers and new believers into our widening congregations.

St James' Beliefs & Priorities

At St James we recognise the Bible as God’s word. We have also committed to a set of three specific priorities.

St James' Story

What is St James history?

3 Year Goals


We will have a formal property masterplan that clarifies the future of the site and addresses constraints on ministry development.


We will be bedding down a new congregation planted with a core of

St James regulars, and planning for our next one.


We will be involved in multiple programmes or partnerships that engage St James people in meeting needs in our local community.


We will inspire and equip all regulars to represent Christ in daily life. Every regular will have an ‘over-flow story’, and we will share these stories with each other and in church.


We will cultivate congregational life filled with generous welcome and a rich sense of belonging.

We will develop practices and structures that facilitate this. Each congregation will grow in number

through increased regularity and the inclusion of more believers and explorers.

90 Day Goals: May – July


Recruit a leader for Community Impact Partnership to help St James meet needs in our local community.


Build belonging through integrating kids, youth and adults into the congregations through practises at services and inclusion in congregational events


Explore opportunities for partnership and the possibility of a future congregational plant with St Luke’s Concord


Grow our culture of generous welcome and sharpen our welcoming systems to ensure that every newcomer to St James meets 3 St James regulars  on a Sunday

90 Day Goals: Feb – April


Cultivate prayerful dependence on God for the Vision Plan by establishing regular Overflow Prayer Gatherings.


Hold congregational events to build a sense of belonging as we kick off the year.


Develop structures for developing and equipping leaders right across St James so ministries can grow more easily.


Congregation teams will identify key needs and opportunities, and develop plans to strengthen our life together.