7pm Weekend Away

7pm Weekend away is for the those of university and worker age at St James. It is an opportunity to retreat together in the Lord to come back refreshed in your relationship with God and feeling more connected as a community.

This year we are going to be exploring God’s sovereignty and its implications for decision making and rest. We will make time to slow down, have fun, and hang out with each other.

If finances are an issue please contact Myles (myles@stjamescroydon.org.au) as we have people who donate so you can be sponsored to come along.

We are staying at the Youthworks Port Hacking site Rathane.
There are two types of rooms:
  • smaller room (3-4 people) with a shared ensuite bathroom (not as cheap) – $195
  • larger room (7-8 people) with a shared shower block for the bathroom. Only 24 beds available for this option (cheaper) – $175

Cost: $195 (Ensuite) / $175 (Shared amenities)

Date: 25-27 February 2022




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7pm Weekend Away Ensuite Room
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7pm Weekend Away Shower block
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